Time Zones!

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Time Zones!

Postby Antharro on Fri Jan 02, 2009 11:16 pm

This is optional, but it's in your interests to do so, so the forum shows you the correct time for yours and everyone elses posts!

To all:-

Please set your time zone correctly!

Your time zone is set in your profile. To check it:
- Click the words "User Control Panel" at the top of this page, underneath the class442/forum logo.
(If you're using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera, you can right click the link and choose "Open in new tab", so you can switch between these instructions and the User Control Panel).

- Click the tab "Board Preferences", underneath the large words "User Control Panel".
----- "My Timezone" should be set to "[UTC] Western European Time, Greenwich Mean Time".
----- "Summer Time/DST is in effect:" should be set to "No".
- Click "Submit".

(While you're in "Board Preferences", you can also change the board style - the layout and colour scheme of the board. There's five to choose from, so if you don't like the standard black theme I configured, you can change it! I would appreciate your comments if you do change!)

To check that the time is correct:
- Once you've checked your time zone (and changed it if necessary), click the words "Board Index" at the top of the page, underneath the class442/forum logo.
- Close to the link for the User Control Panel, you'll see the words "It is currently (DATE) (TIME)."
- If the date and time are correct, then you'll all set! If not, check the time zone and DST settings are correct. If it's still not correct, then let me know!

Finally, if you haven't done so already, please read THIS THREAD about profiles.

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