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Bug: Date on History page

PostPosted: Fri Jan 09, 2009 1:02 am
by Ex 442 driver

The year 1988 saw the start of the refurbishment of these trains, with the first one going in
January. During this refurbishment, the buffet area was "modernised", and the guard/luggage
area (in the Motor Buffet Carriage) was reduced in size so 16 more seats could be added.

Couldn't really find where to put this,apologies...but surely they wern't refurbished in 1988?

I remember the 16 seats being added and the bike space becoming smaller.This caused a lot of grief at first and also late running.

Was it 1998 and was it really that long ago?


Re: Bug: Date on History page

PostPosted: Sat Jan 10, 2009 4:54 am
by Antharro
You're not the first one to point this out - some kind person took the time to write me a detailed email with a number of bugs/typos on the main page that need sorting out. I've changed the date on that page to 1998 - just a typo!

Thanks for reporting it. I even created a new sub-forum just for bug reports! :)

Re: Bug: Date on History page

PostPosted: Fri Feb 20, 2009 8:47 pm
by Ex 442 driver
Thanks,just seen this.I remember they were new in roughly 1988 although I didn't start driving them till 1992. :?